Shaylee Owen

Major: AXED

Why did you want to become an ambassador?

My education and involvement as a student at NMSU has opened my eyes to a wide world of opportunities. I want to be a voice to share these opportunities to an even larger audience. I was lucky to have connections through family and friends to the university while others do not. These connections show students a small glimpse of the opportunities at NMSU but I also want to be an asset to them to be successful in their endeavors. I thrive on being able to share my journey and aid along on the way to help others be successful. I want to continually link individuals to the resources to enhance and encourage their success. I have never been a sit-back and partake type of individual. I want to be a part of making things happen for others. Additionally being an ambassador allows me to have increased opportunities for personal connections and experiences to aid my own personal growth.